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Set Top Box in India

Set top boxes have become an importantĀ applianceĀ of every household. It is important to invest in the best set top box so that you can conveniently watch all your shows and movies easily. A set-top box is a device that contains a tuner which captures an external source of signal and gives it out to a television set for a wonderful quality picture. Also, the Indian government has made it mandatory to have set up boxes which has led to the rise in set boxes in the online space.

It is essential to invest in the best set-top boxes available from different companies in India. Many companies that provide different schemes and add-on packages offer the best set-top boxes in India and you must choose wisely among them. In this article we will also look into the best DTH in India as they are interrelated.

All You Need to Know About Dish Connections in India

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What to look for in the Best Set-Top Boxes in India?

A basic set-top box does not satisfy the outgrowing requirements of people today. This is the generation that needs multiple options and always want more than served. This is why the latest technology offers them with the best set-top boxes in India that have more than just the basic features of a television.

The latest set-top boxes have outgrown the basic set-top box because of a lot of features, like HD, which was almost non-existent a few years ago. The best set-top boxes have an HD feature and make it quicker for you to reboot the system or shuffle among thousands of channels.

With more than just the basic, the best set-top boxes give you a taste of the new world. But, if youā€™re buying a set-top box for yourself, you must be sure about what all you want in your digital TV. Here are some features that you must look for in your right set-top box before investing in them.

Viewing Platform

Viewing platform of a set-top box refers to the platform that the set-top box needs to catch different channels and provides you with an unmatched experience of watching TV.

The best set-top boxes must have the ability to catch a large number of channels clearly, without causing any interference, except when the weather is extreme. They also tend to have back-up mechanisms to counter the extreme climate in some cases. A large viewing platform means that the set-top offers much more channels than just the traditional set-top box.

Feature to record

The best set-top boxes come with a feature of recording events and programmes even in your absence. Another feature that helps a set-top box to achieve this is the reminder function which helps the set-top box to remember when to start recording a particular program.

All you need to do is set a reminder on your favourite programs or movies and leave it to the set-top box. It tends to automatically record your required program, giving you an option to watch it later whenever you have the time to. It also gives you the opportunity to watch the same program or movie over and over again.

Disk space

The best set-top boxes tend to offer a large disk space or storage inside them to store your specific programs that you have recorded at several point of time span. A smaller disk space restricts you to have many movies or programs in your set-top box at the same time, which is not what you would want.

The recording feature in a set-top box also needs to be accurate and have a set of features within. Your set-top box must be able to record more than one movie/program at a time, while being able to watch the third programme. You must also be able to record accurately, starting from the right time of the programme and ending when it ends completely.

Another generally required feature in a set-top box is the ability of it to record a series without having to worry for disk space. It is unsaid that bigger the disk space, better the set-top box. As a general guide, most set-top boxes come with a 500 GB hard disk which is enough to store your favorite channels and movies. Some of the best set-top boxes tend to provide their customers with even more space than the basic ones.

Electronic Programme Guide

An electronic Programme Guide in a set-top box helps you to navigate through the available channels and apps that the set-top box provider has to offer. The kind of Electronic Programme Guides that come with different set-top boxes are built using different softwares, which is why they all work differently.

What you need to worry about is how user friendly the Electronic Programme Guide is. The easier it is to navigate through different channels, the easier it is for a customer to operate a particular set-top box. An EPG must also be able to show you all the categories of channels that the provider has to offer along with the programmes that are set to be recorded and the list of all the recorded programmes or movies.

Additional Apps

The best set-top boxes in India offer you with much more than just several channels and features to record them. They offer other popular apps and services that can be used for entertainment or educational purposes. Some of these additional apps include the ones that teach kids how to count, or increase your vocabulary. Some other features include the ones that allow you to play games.

Other Connections

A set-top box must be able to have HDMI connections and other additional connections so that the customers are able to enjoy the highest quality of movies. People with numerous HDMI compatible devices would want to look for set-up boxes with multiple HDMI ports or get a HDMI hub instead of several cables.

Set-Top Box with DVD

The best set-up boxes come with the feature of a DVD player included into the set-up box hardware. A general DVD player and a set-up box would cost a lot more if bought individually. This feature of a set-top box to be able to play DVDs are a great thing as it gives the customers more flexibility and options to watch more movies or other programmes.

What are the additional features to look for in set-top boxes in India?

The major function and utility of a set-top box still remains to be streaming TV and movies, but what if we provide you much more than that? The best set-top boxes available in India are built with the latest technology to provide you with all the basic features of a set-top box along with many ā€˜smart featuresā€™ that helps you experience another level off comfort and technology.

Generally, you need to get different hardware devices in order to have the ultimate experience of the new smart features that technology has to offer. Therefore, we have done a lot of research on the latest and the best of the best set=top boxes available in India, thereby making your life a lot easier. You can happily choose from these high tech products and order one for yourself without stepping out of your homes!

1. Live TV:Ā The first smart feature that the latest technology offered us is being able to catch everything live. Be it a sports match in another part of the world, an interview of your favourite celebrity or some other important incident going on anywhere around the globe, you can have access to all these events with the best set-top boxes available in India

2. Storage:Ā A set-top box is generally used for streaming movies and other programmes. If it is just required for that, you might not need any storage for saving all the recorded movies or series that you set on it. But, in case you want to save up your own library of music or movies, you will need a storage device to save all these up.

The best set-top boxes offer you just that along with providing you with the highest quality of movies and series. They offer you some storage space which not only saves your recorded movies and programmes, but also space to save all your music. In case you already have other external storage devices, you may want to invest in a set-top box that has USB ports.

3. Wireless/DLNA:Ā Some other additional features include wireless/DLNAs because f which the customers are able to connect their phones and other devices to their set-top boxes. This enables the customers to exchange different media between several devices and

4. Compatibility:Ā The best set-top box is not only good enough for movies or shows. It also ensures that all your other devices and USB/other storage devices are compatible with it. This enables you to exchange information, media and other data among several compatible devices at the same time. It makes transfer of data easier, which become highly convenient for each of the family member.

5. Streaming Quality:Ā It is essential that your perfect set-top box offers you with the highest picture quality with the highest pixel resolution for a great leisure time. The best set-top boxes offer you with 1090 pixel resolution with a large number of HD channels providing you with multiple options to look for your favorite shows and movies.

7. Remote:Ā A remote control is a necessary add-on that comes with the package of your set-top box. It is essential that your remote has all the necessary features required for easy operation.

Once you know what to look for in the best set-top boxes in India, it would be easier for you now to choose among the best set-top boxes in this list. Here, we have made you a list of the best set-top boxes in India that do not tend to create a hole in your pocket as well!

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