Shopping Online has become more frequent with marketplaces for consumers

According to a study in India, 68% of online shoppers are purchasing from a marketplace. This is seriously a thing to look into, while consumers are opposing shopping with an online brand.

As online retailers and marketplaces prepare for Shopping Online and sales respectively, record volumes of ecommerce orders are observed since COVID-19 pandemic has been observed around the world.

Consumers pointed to post-purchase experiences, including items arriving late, expensive shipping, tracking inaccuracies, confusing returns policies, and lost or incorrect items as reasons for their dissatisfaction.

Most of the shoppers in India are shopping online more frequently, and they prefer marketplaces. Nearly everyone is shopping online – 94% of consumers globally; unchanged year-over-year.

Besides, the frequency with which consumers shop online is accelerating. 35% of online shoppers make an online purchase at least weekly, when considered globally. In India, 68% of online shoppers are purchasing from a marketplace.

India prefers fast and free shipping

In a recent study, consumers only prefer shopping from marketplaces that deliver orders much swiftly and with an option of free shopping. This makes the sellers across different marketplaces to attract consumers by placing a free shipping feature.

Consumers are becoming more demanding in their expectations for “fast and free.” Only 47% consider 2-day free shipping “fast.” Besides, Consumers still rank “free shipping” as more important than “fast shipping.” with 76% of consumers prefering “free” globally.

In India, 56% of consumers prefer free shipping over faster delivery. Alongside, businesses will lose greatly with just a bad post-purchase experience from any of the frustrated consumers.

The reactions from consumers range from sharing their frustrations on social media to never purchasing from the offending site again. Among millennials, 30% will go public about their poor experience, complaining in an online review or social media post.

Successful high-growth retailers place a greater emphasis on the post-purchase consumer experience than their slower growth competitors. This includes providing services like free returns and day-definite guaranteed delivery.

Our Online Shopping site provides the consumers best user experience while browsing and availing offers across products from different brands. High-growth retailers also tend to meet or exceed consumer demands for accurate and real-time tracking.

Cross-border shopping

The new trend actively begins at least half-a-decade with the cross-border ecommerce market that continues to mature. However, the US, China and Japan were the only countries where the number of cross-border shippers increased.

The market continues to grow because those who are shopping cross-border are doing so more frequently. This was true in nearly every country we surveyed. Twelve-percent of consumers globally are now shopping cross-border at least weekly.

Consistent with the results of the study, frustrations with shopping cross-border can be attributed primarily to shipping that is too slow, or too expensive. Other frustrations include the inconvenience of returning unwanted items and poor customer service.

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