Top ten refrigerators for 2020 in India

Refrigerators turned to be important assets for the current generation of kitchens. Be it storing food items or beverages, the refrigerators have got their significance. Just pick the stored eatables or liquids and consume them freshly.

It’s now so easy purchasing them with Refrigerator Deals available across different stores. Also, we have the list of stores providing various offers with respect to the brands or stores. Take a look at the top ten refrigerators:

  1. Samsung 198l inverter best 5 star refrigerator

It is a single door machine with a unique outer body design and comes with a GARO handle. This is a 5-star rating fridge from Samsung in India and gives you optimum savings on electricity without affecting its operations. The BEE rating is based on 2020 policy.

  1. Samsung 314l curd maestro double door refrigerator

The name of this model evolves as it has the capability of delicious curd preparation in its dedicated built-in portion. This allows the users to make curd at home, without having to go outside. The Samsung 3141 curd maestro double door refrigerator is available for online shopping at best price.

  1. Voltas Beko 250l inverter double door refrigerator

Voltas has tied up with Beko (European home appliances brand) and bringing the best refrigerators in Indian market. This Voltas Beko 250L refrigerator comes with a ProSmart Inverter Compressor and saves more energy.

  1. Haier 258l double door best 3 star refrigerator

Haier 258l refrigerator comes with a swift convertible feature. This indeed allows converting the freezer to the fridge and vice-versa in just 50 minutes. Another major feature stands out to be the Turbo Icing technology that gets your ice ready in just 49 minutes.

  1. Godrej edge pro 210l inverter 4 star refrigerator

If you are searching for Refrigerators Online, this 4tart refrigerator from Godrej can be the best choice. This Godrej Edge Pro comes with a sleek design and glossy finish. The Green Inverter Technology incorporated in it uses a compressor that manages its working smartly.

So there’s every possibility to save more on energy every time. Hence the fridge gives higher efficiency & durability with less noise. Even with a voltage system of only 110 V, the fridge operates perfectly without any fluctuations.

  1. Godrej 290l double door 3 star refrigerator

This Godrej 2901 model fridge has a lot of power-packed features and comes at a good price. The company has been making refrigerators for 62 years now and delivering across different countries.

  1. Whirlpool 340l inverter 3 star double door refrigerator

Whirlpool makes its brand exposure better in the refrigerators segment with the 340l double door fridge. It features the Adaptive Intelligence, senses load, weather, and usage pattern to give your food optimum cooling and long-lasting freshness.

  1. LG 308L Inverter 4 Star Double Door Refrigerator

LG 4 star double door refrigerator has linear Cooling feature that reduces the temperature gap between different parts of the refrigerator. This in turn maintains uniform cooling and helps to get freshness for up to 14 days.

  1. LG 215l inverter 4 star direct cool refrigerator

This LG refrigerator has a Smart Inverter compressor that saves a lot of electricity. It is well-known for silent operation with excellent performance. It saves you around 8,330 Rs for a lifespan of 10 years so as to help you save money.

  1. Samsung 275l inverter 4 star double door refrigerator

This Samsung fridge excels in optimum cooling and energy efficiency which are the two most important features in a refrigerator so now enjoy new age technology.

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